The Record Albums of Theodore Bikel

OVer Theo's 70 year career

It seems everyone (and their grandparents) had Theodore Bikel's records by their record player; the images of the cover art elicit so many memories. Which was your favorite? 

"This young woman became the image in so many people's minds of the quintessential young Israeli pioneer, toiling under the sun for the ideals the kibbutz stood for. Actually, we shot this album in New Jersey, in some feilds by the side of the road. The young woman was a model, at the start of her career. I do not think she was even Jewish! This little piece of trivia has practically devastated many of my fans. So sorry about that!” - Theodore Bikel

— Theodore Bikel

The Record albums (and CDs) of Theodore Bikel 


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**Folk Songs of Israel (1955), Elektra

**An Actor’s Holiday (1956), Elektra

**A Young Man and a Maid (with Cynthia Gooding) (1957), Elektra

**Theodore Bikel Sings Jewish Folk Songs (1958), Elektra

**To Broadway, To Life!: The Musical Theater of Bock and Harnick 

**Folk Songs from Just about Everywhere (with Geula Gill) (1959), Elektra 

**More Jewish Folk Songs (1959), Elektra 

**Bravo Bikel (Town Hall Concert) (1959), Elektra 

**Songs of Russia Old and New (1960), Elektra

**Newport Folk Festival 1960 (5 songs), Elektra 

**The Sound of Music (Original Broadway Cast) (1960), Columbia Records

**From Bondage to Freedom (1961), Elektra 

**A Harvest of Israeli Folk Songs (1961), Elektra 

**The Poetry and Prophecy of The Old Testament (1962), Elektra 

**The Best of Bikel (1962), Elektra 

**Theodore Bikel on Tour (1963), Elektra

**A Folksinger’s Choice (1964), Elektra 

**The King and I (1964), Columbia Records 

**Yiddish Theatre and Folk Songs (1965), Elektra 

**Songs of the Earth (with The Pennywhistlers) (1967), Elektra 

**Theodore Bikel Is Tevye (1968), Elektra 

**A New Day (1970), Reprise Records 

**Silent No More (Soviet Jewish Underground) (1972), Star Records 

**Theodore Bikel for the Young (1973), Peter Pan Records 

**Theodore Bikel Sings Jewish Holiday Songs (1987) 

**A Passover Story (1991), Western Wind

**A Chanukkah Story (1992), Western Wind 

**Theodore Bikel Sings Jewish Folk Songs (CD reissue, 1992), Bainbridge Records 

**Theodore Bikel Sings More Jewish Folk Songs (CD reissue, 1992) Bainbridge Records 

**Rise up and Fight–Songs of Jewish Partisans (1996), Holocaust Museum 

**Tevye the Dairyman and the Railroad Stories (1996) Macmillan audio

**A Taste of Passover (1998), Rounder Records 

**Classic Jewish Holiday & Shabbat Songs (2000), Sameach Records

**A Taste of Chanukkah (2000), Rounder Records 

**Theodore Bikel's Treasury of Yiddish Folk & Theatre Songs (2004), Rhino Handmade

**In My Own Lifetime (2006), Jewish Music Group 

**Our Song (with Alberto Mizrahi) (2007), Opus Magica Musica

**While I'm Here  (2016) double CD with songs and spoken word Red house Records